Newark police officer back home after pulmonary embolism

Photo Courtesy of Linda Kamateh

NEWARK, NJ — Lt. Hector Arocho of Newark’s 6th precinct is finally back home with his family. He was discharged from Newark Beth Israel Medical Center on May 13, after suffering a pulmonary embolism and a serious bout with COVID-19 symptoms. Although he tested negative for the virus, like so many, he experienced all of the symptoms for at least two weeks before he came to the hospital. 

Arocho has been a Newark police officer for 24 years, so when his colleagues found out May 2 that he was vomiting, had a fever and could hardly breathe, they brought him to Newark Beth Israel.

It was there that doctors discovered he had developed a pulmonary embolism, a clot in his lungs that needed to be removed. Blood clotting is another dangerous symptom that has been associated with COVID-19. Arocho says, 

“Coming to Newark Beth Israel was the smartest decision I ever made,” Arocho said, adding that he is thankful for the amazing care he received.

As he was discharged, the Marine got a hero’s salute. He was wheeled out of the hospital by President and CEO Darrell Terry Sr., and his fellow officers lined the entrance of the hospital to prepare to escort him back home to his wife, five children and two grandchildren.