Recording studio will be opened by friends

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NUTLEY, NJ — For Nutley natives Adam Radice and Matthew Ciancimino, music is much more than a beloved hobby or a lucrative career; it’s a way of bringing artists together and inspiring people. With the upcoming official opening of their music group’s new recording studio, 4xStudio, on May 7, they aim to share their love with anyone who wants to take a listen.

Both Radice and Ciancimino were born and raised in Nutley, and met through performing in various music programs together in the local school district.

“The arts in Nutley changed my life, they are something to be celebrated and they changed my life,” Radice said in a recent phone interview. “I’ve been involved in music as far back as I can remember, starting in elementary school where they nurtured me, all the way up to the high school choir where our musical interests developed.”

Both men knew that music was with them to stay, and their programs of study after graduating high school reflected that.

Ciancimino continued his education at Monmouth University, where he majored in music business, while Radice set his sights on Stevens Institute of Technology, where he studied music and technology, an interdisciplinary program that featured both theory and production. After graduation, both knew that they wanted to not only work on their own music ventures, but they also wanted to share their passion with like-minded individuals who were seeking a creative outlet.

“It seemed right for us to collaborate on something, and I had already started making music for myself and others,” Radice said. “Subconsciously, we knew that we were missing something in our area, and then an opportunity fell in our lap when the studio space opened up and it seemed like the right time, so we jumped at the chance.”
“I wanted to be on the business end of things, and as soon as we could we started working together,” Ciancimino said. “We put the work in and the place is beautiful, and we are excited to open up the creative side of Nutley.”

So what does this studio bring to the table that sets them apart from the bright lights of larger music havens such as New York City?

“I think we bring an authentic and real approach and we have a creative incubator as opposed to a recording studio,” Ciancimino said. “We offer a little more than that, it’s warm and welcoming, and that’s the difference.”

“We also pride ourselves on being a place for any creative endeavors: music shoots, still drawing,” Radice added. “Nothing would make us happier than to allow others to explore their creativity. Our whole philosophy is art and creativity and open the doors and let anyone come in.”

Both Radice and Ciancimino are also excited to have the opportunity to bring their skills and passions back to where there love for music first began.

“We’re really excited to have local people in here to show them what we can do,” Radice said. “We got insight into the industry and saw how it’s really done, and now we want to come back to where we started and do it right.”

The duo believe so strongly in supporting artists with integrity that both their music group and studio name are a tribute to it: 4XMG and 4XStudio, each of which have the tag line “For artists, by artists.”

And local artists Mark Borino and Christina Kapushi are excited about the new studio as well.

“In my opinion, it’s one of the nicest studio spots I’ve been able to have access too. I don’t know of any other studios within the area that matches up to this one,” Borino said in a recent email to the Nutley Journal. “I happen to be good friends with the people who run the studio and they’re honest, nice and genuinely care about the product you are trying to make come to life. If they have their name on it, they want to make sure it’s quality rather than just trying to make a quick buck.”

Kapushi, who goes by the stage name CKAY, echoes this sentiment about the quality of work and business ethics of the new studio owners.

“The location to this studio is great. It’s ideal for musicians. They don’t have to travel all the way to New York City or Jersey City and it’s quality. I would definitely recommend this studio to other people; they put a lot of time in creating this studio,” she said in a recent email to the Nutley Journal. “It’s very welcoming and stylish. Adam Radice is an amazing producer. We’ve been working together since we were 17. I’m very excited for the opening of 4XMG. I can’t wait to spend more time there and make new music with them.”

Both Ciancimino and Radice agree that even with the best acoustics, the most expensive equipment, and the most talented producers, there has to be something more, and that’s what makes their studio stand out from the crowd.

“At the end of the day, you’re looking for great sound,” Ciancimino said. “But it’s more about the feel and the energy, and that’s what I think will differentiate ours from others.”

Radice echoed these sentiments: “Once everyone has the best gear, what makes it different from the rest?,” he asked. “It’s the feeling you get when you are here, and the energy so that you have the best experience possible. It’s the intangibles.”