Nutley Male Athlete of the Month

Marty Higgins
NHS sophomore boys’ hoops star

“Marty is a complete athlete, but it’s his competitive nature that sets him apart. Marty’s at his best when the game’s on the line. He’s the guy you want with the ball in his hands at the end of a close game. For a young player, I expect a lot out of him … sometimes too much, I guess. I forget he’s a sophomore, and that’s a credit to him.”
— Bob Harbison, Nutley High School boys’ basketball head coach

How’s the team doing this year?
My team has played very well at times throughout the season, but at other times we have shown our inexperience. We have two sophomores and three juniors in our starting lineup and most of our team will be returning next year. I do believe we have a bright future and I am confident in all of my teammates that we will continue to play hard and strive for greatness.

You’re a fine baseball shortstop and a hard-working basketball guard. Which do you like best?
I have played both basketball and baseball throughout my entire life. Although I really enjoy the sport of basketball, I would have to say that my passion is baseball, and I believe that this is my strongest sport to excel at the next level.

What’s the basketball highlight of your career so far?
So far throughout my early career in the sport, I would say that the highlight of my career was defeating Irvington in the Essex County Tournament (this year). This was important for our program, because it was the first time in approximately eight years that Nutley has won
a county tournament game.

Who’s your favorite team and sports figure? How come?
My favorite sports team has been the Yankees since I could remember. Derek Jeter is a player that I looked up to because of his greatness, but my favorite sports figure is definitely Mike Trout. I believe he is the ideal baseball player due to his five-tool ability. I wear his number in baseball and I also play for the Tri-State Arsenal, which is the organization that he played for when he was my age.

Any superstitions or routines before a game?

Which team do you think will go all the way this year in college basketball’s March Madness?
I believe that UCLA will go all the way in college basketball’s March Madness this year. I try to watch every game they have and I am a huge fan of Lonzo Ball.
I believe they will go all the way, because they have a great point guard that scores and distributes the ball exceptionally well, they have multiple knock-down shooters, and their big men rebound well and are extremely talented.

What digital entertainment are you plugged into these days?
I would have to say I enjoy watching Netflix more than any other digital
entertainment. My two favorite TV series are “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

If you won a free vacation to anyplace on the planet, where would you go and why?
If I had won a free vacation to go anywhere on the planet I would go to California. As I was there I would attend a UCLA basketball game along with a Los Angeles Angels game, because Mike Trout is my favorite player. I also have never been to the West Coast and I would like to visit there sometime in the future.