Help SHU learn about spatial thinking in adults

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — The Child Learning Lab at Seton Hall University is conducting a study on how adults’ spatial thinking changes with practice and age.

Would you be interested in helping the lab by volunteering your participation? Here is some information about the study and participation, provided by the Child Learning Lab:

Who are you?

The Child Learning Lab is a research laboratory that is a part of the department of psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences at Seton Hall University. We study how children and adults learn to think, act and perceive.

What can I expect if I participate in the study?

The study will take place at our lab on campus. When you arrive, we will explain everything about the study in detail. After you consent to participating — you may decline at any time — you will learn to create patterns with small blocks. After brief practice, you will continue to create patterns with blocks on 20 trials. Afterward, we will ask you some questions about yourself. The study will take about one hour. You will be filmed during the session but all of your information will be stored anonymously. Additionally, as required by Seton Hall University, your information will be kept in a secure area of our lab to ensure confidentiality.

Am I eligible to participate?

Yes, if you are a healthy adult between 25 and 85 years of age, not currently pregnant, have full use of both hands, and can read and understand English.

How can I sign up?

Participation is completely voluntary. Sessions are scheduled for your convenience. If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please contact us by email at or phone at 973-275-2483. Or, please feel free to visit our website at for more information.