SHU invites public to teachers’ study day

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — The Jewish-Christian Studies Graduate Program at Seton Hall University invites educators and other interested individuals to the professional development study day, “Jews and Resistance in France during World War II.” The study day, which will offer five professional development credit hours to New Jersey educators, will be held Monday, March 5, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Nursing Nursing Amphitheatre, Room NU113, on the university’s South Orange campus.

After the Nazi conquest of France in June 1940, the eastern area of Alsace-Lorraine became part of Germany. Northern France and the Atlantic coast were controlled by the Occupation Forces and the rest was governed from Vichy in collaboration with the Germans. At that time there were 350,000 Jews in France; more than half were not French citizens, having arrived from the East after World War I or from Germany after 1933. At first they were more vulnerable than citizens but from both zones 80,000 Jews were deported in 1942 and later; only 2,000 survived the war. Resistance was organized in both zones by Jews and others. The presenters and participants at this year’s professional development study day will examine what important lessons these stories of resistance can teach our generation today.

Admission, including lunch, is free, but you must register by Feb. 28. To RSVP, simply do one of the following: fill out the form here; call Lawrence Frizzell at 973-761-9751; or send an email to