SOV United Methodist to celebrate 170th anniversary

Photo Courtesy of Zella Felzenberg
Church leaders planning the anniversary service are, clockwise from lower left, Jeniffer Oxford, Cheryl Phillips, Lisa Atherley, Beverley Barrett, Rev. Molege Desir, Winston Kennedy, Connie Chisholm and Marilyn Schnaars.

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — On Sunday, Nov. 11, at 10 a.m., South Orange-Vailsburg United Methodist Church, located at the corner of South Orange Avenue and Prospect Street in South Orange, will be celebrating its 170th anniversary at its worship service. Luncheon will be served in Fellowship Hall afterward. The community is invited to come and celebrate.

Guest speaker Rev. Keith Rae, a retired Methodist minister, will preach on God’s faithfulness. Jeniffer Oxford will serve as worship leader, Roslyn Eversley will read Scriptures and Zella Felzenberg will give the children’s sermon. Invited guests include district superintendent Manuel Sardines, and Methodist ministers who have served as the church’s pastors over the past several decades: Rev. John Dow, Rev. Paul Jaw, Rev. Frederick Wilkes III, Rev. Edna Dismus and Rev. Linda DelSardo.