South Orange sees fifth death from COVID-19

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — South Orange Village President Sheena Collum announced Sept. 2 that the village’s fifth resident — a 94-year-old female — has died from COVID-19 complications. As of noon on Sept. 2, South Orange had 125 positive test cases and 2,970 negative test cases.

In her announcement, Collum also drew attention to the fact that certain restrictions are beginning to be lifted in New Jersey. Gyms were allowed to reopen at 25-percent capacity on Sept. 1 and restaurants were allowed to reopen for indoor dining at 25-percent capacity on Sept. 4.

“I’m not here to contradict these policy decisions as I truly do believe, at least in New Jersey, we have leadership that has been guided by science and data. We’re fortunate. With that said, I do want to share that I think it’s totally OK to ‘wait and see’ if you’re not yet comfortable and would like to observe for a week or so to look at data and see how we do. Don’t feel pressure until it’s right for you and your loved ones,” Collum said. “My guiding principle for now is to enjoy and live life, but do so while minimizing risk. This for me will be taking advantage of some new opportunities for social interaction but still being really vigilant about my face covering, social distancing, hand washing regularly, and really just being aware of my surroundings and ways to, again, minimize risk. Please take care of yourself and each other.”