Third-grade students attend ‘Instrument Day’ at West Orange High School

WO-wohs instrument day-WWEST ORANGE, NJ — Parents of third-grade students attending recorder concerts, take heart. The hours of practicing “Hot Cross Buns” and attending the prerequisite concert are going to pay off, perhaps sooner than expected.

Third-grade students in the West Orange School District took a field trip on May 27 to West Orange High School for “Instrument Day,” an annual event that introduces the students to band instruments.

The award-winning West Orange High School wind ensemble performed for the students as the event began. Following their performance, band members demonstrated each instrument, playing popular tunes on flute, drums, clarinet, saxophone, trombone and more. The purpose of the event was to help students decide what instrument they could choose to play beginning in fourth grade.

“This is fun,” said one enthusiastic third-grade student. “I can’t wait to learn how to play clarinet, maybe even saxophone!”

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Cumming