Hoatson drops out of race

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Robert Hoatson of West Orange announced March 9 that he would be dropping out of the N.J. gubernatorial race. Hoatson was running in the primaries in the hope of snagging the Democratic endorsement.

Hoatson’s name was bandied about much in the past few months as he brought lawsuits against the Bergen County Democratic Committee and the Monmouth County Democratic Committee, alleging that their recent conventions were unfairly held as they did not make an effort to ensure every declared candidate was there to participate and did not give him the opportunity to win their votes. He also alleges that Democratic front-runner Phil Murphy bought their support; the Murphy campaign has not responded to the West Orange Chronicle for requests for comment.

Despite the lawsuits, the BCDC had previously told the Chronicle that they felt Hoatson had no case and that they were unconcerned. According to the BCDC, it is incumbent on each candidate to ensure they attend the conventions, not the other way around.

According to Hoatson, he has decided to drop out of the race now because his treasurer has become ill.

“It is just too late to re-organize for an April 3 registration deadline,” Hoatson told the Chronicle. “Too bad … maybe next time.”