Codey Fund for Mental Health announces new executive director

Julie Bannon

WEST ORANGE, NJ — State Sen. Richard J. Codey, former N.J. governor and co-founder of the Codey Fund for Mental Health, recently announced that Julie Bannon is taking the helm as the new executive director at the Codey Fund. Bannon, a long-time West Orange resident, will focus on fundraising and programming for the fund.

The Codey Fund for Mental Health was established in 2012 by Richard and Mary Jo Codey. The organization was founded on the beliefs that access to comprehensive care and quality treatment for individuals with mental illness is a right, and that the stigma associated with mental illness is the single biggest barrier between the people suffering with mental health disorders and the treatment that can change their lives. Recently, the Codey Fund has been promoting its Pledge to be Stigma Free Campaign, which is designed to promote public awareness, create conversations and work toward overcoming stigmas, stereotyping, discrimination and removing any barriers to recovery.

“I am very pleased to announce this appointment,” Codey said in a press release. “We look forward to moving the fund to another level and create new programs to help and support those in need. Julie will bring leadership and creativity to our programs and I look forward to working with her towards achieving the goal of ending the stigma around mental illness.”

Bannon’s resume includes more than 20 years of executive planning, administration, communications and marketing experience in both the private and nonprofit sector. Prior to this appointment Bannon was with the American Cancer Society as its special events coordinator and income development manager, as well as with Kings Food Markets as marketing manager, developing and implementing various programs as well as translating business objectives into profitable promotions.

“I look forward to serve and partner with the Codey Fund for Mental Health in this new capacity,” Bannon said in the release. “My main goal will be to raise funds and promote public awareness around the stigma of mental illness and to emphasize the importance of maintaining and enhancing the balance of education and training for both mental health patients and their families.”