Swastika found on Lawrence Ave. tree

WEST ORANGE, NJ — On Feb. 10, Mayor Robert Parisi announced on the “West Orange 411” Facebook page that West Orange police had responded to Lawrence Avenue after a family noticed that someone had painted a swastika on a tree in front of their house.

According to Parisi, the police department responded immediately to speak to neighbors and inspect the area for any additional markings. No additional markings were found and it appeared to police that the swastika in question may have been painted several days earlier, as residents had noticed something on the tree but, due to the paint color and manner in which it was painted, did not quickly recognize the symbol as a swastika.

“This is disconcerting but we believe is an isolated incident,” Parisi wrote.

West Orange police will continue to monitor the situation and are asking anyone with information to call 973-325-4000.