Keeping ‘West Orange Clean’

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The cold weather is finally behind us and residents from all over West Orange are ready to leave that cabin fever behind, get outside and spend an hour — or more — to ensure the place they call home continues to shine!

As part of an ongoing community initiative appropriately named “West Orange Clean,” residents will take to the street individually or in groups starting this Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6, to clean up West Orange. Residents of all ages are encouraged to dedicate just an hour of their time, anytime during the day, to grab a few trash bags, a trash grabber or gloves, and head out in their neighborhood to pick up any trash they may find. Once completed, all participants are encouraged to snap a photo and post it to social media using the hashtag “#WOClean.”

The launch of this campaign has been in the works via social media since back in February when more than 100 residents responded positively to the suggestion in a local Facebook group. Unfortunately, late winter storms delayed the kickoff, but that didn’t stop residents from purchasing trash grabbers, planning their pickup routes, scheduling their local organizational groups and teams, and doing a little “pre-work” ahead of this weekend’s kickoff. Some residents posted on social media that they pick up whatever trash they find on their daily morning walks and were excited to see this initiative coming together.

Even West Orange Mayor Robert Parisi noticed the campaign coming together on social media and has vowed to get involved.

“Several years ago we pulled together a similar campaign with our Environmental Commission here in town,” he said. “It’s great to see our residents taking the initiative and coming together for what’s best for the community. Hope this sparks some other great ideas.”

The “West Orange Clean” campaign is ongoing; anyone can participate anytime. Those residents who are out of town or have alternate plans during the kickoff weekend are encouraged to participate whenever they can and keep West Orange looking spotless.