WOHS students win film award for ‘Deadlines’

Photo Courtesy of WOSD
From left are Dane Clarke II, Thomas Hughes, Juaquin Goodbar, Lourdes Korczukowski and Wendy Mapes.

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Following their state win on April 13 for their student-produced film “Deadlines,” West Orange High School students took home the first-ever “World’s Best 10 Day Film of 2018” at the Ten Day Film Challenge awards on June 10. The team also received the “Best Performances” award.

Held at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, WOHS film team members Thomas Hughes, the writer and director; Lourdes Korczukowski, actor; Juaquin Goodbar, musical director; Dane Clarke II, actor; and acting principles teacher Wendy Mapes were on hand to receive the award. Clarke also received scholarships totaling $3,450.

“I had a lot of faith that we would win the Best Performances award,” Hughes said. “My actors were absolutely fantastic, so I was completely confident that we would come home with that award. But winning Best Film was a huge surprise for me. I was in awe when our film was announced. It was a really great feeling.”

In the fall, Hughes will be attending Montclair State University and majoring in film, while Clarke will be attending New York University and majoring in acting. Goodbar will be attending Stockton University and majoring in biology.

To watch “Deadlines,” visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qvtiSI2wvA.