28 WOHS students receive New Jersey Seal of Biliteracy

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — At West Orange High School, 28 students have been awarded the Seal of Biliteracy for Spanish, Italian or French, in addition to English. One student, Nunzio Castaldo, received a Seal of Biliteracy for speaking Spanish, Italian and English, receiving trilingual proficiency status.

In 2016, the state of New Jersey became the 15th state in the nation to implement a legislated statewide Seal of Biliteracy. To receive the Seal of Biliteracy, students demonstrate that they are able to speak, read, listen and write in two or more languages at a high level of proficiency.

“They have demonstrated oral and literacy proficiency in English and at least one other language through standardized assessments,” West Orange School District world languages supervisor Felix Plata said. “The students will receive letters notifying them of their accomplishment and have their achievement reflected on their official high school transcript.”

A special recognition ceremony will be held at West Orange High School on June 12 in the Library Media Center beginning at 6:30 p.m.

In addition to Castaldo, 27 other WOHS students were awarded the seal. For speaking English and Spanish, the seal was awarded to Italo Alcazar, Alisson Amador Ponce, Adriana Ayala, Alejandra Baltazar Rios, Matthew Camacho, Jonathan Certuche, Facundo Gomez-Borba, Morriel Kasher, Aliyah Marquez, Nagely Medina Salazar, Jeffry Naranjo, Alba Paucar, Ericka Portillo Perlera, Kevin Rojas, Andres Ruiz Grijalva, Alynna Sanchez, Katherine Urgiles Humala, Gabriel Vela Vasquez and Tahis Vigo. For speaking English and Italian, the seal was awarded to Scarleth Arciniega, Justin Correa, Manuel DePierola, Jhormary Dominguez, Sinodas Ghebrehiwet and Wendy Monterrosa. For speaking English and French, the seal was awarded to Shanon Nieto Phillips and Proggya Paromita.

Photos Courtesy of WOSD