Pastor and musician speaks at TLCC

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — Dan Dean, of Christian music trio Phillips, Craig and Dean, performed at The Life Christian Church in West Orange on Sunday, Feb. 23. Dean sang three of the band’s songs and spoke about finding purpose in life. 

After performing and speaking for more than 700 people at TLCC, Dean said he was just living out what he had taught about that morning — working in his purpose. 

“For me, I started noticing that when I sang and when I led worship, that God had given me this ability to lead people into the presence of God,” he said in a press release. “When you’re operating in your purpose, it’s something that you never feel like it’s drudgery. It’s always enjoyable.” 

Dean said he is jokingly called the “singing pastor” at his church, Heartland Church in Carrollton, Texas, because he always starts or ends his teachings with a song. Having followed this routine at TLCC, Dean said pairing his teachings with his music is often when the message resonates most with people. 

Dean has visited TLCC in West Orange multiple times before, maintaining a strong friendship with TLCC’s lead pastor, Terry A. Smith. 

Photos Courtesy of The Life Christian Church