Alert PSE&G meter reader springs into action and saves WO senior citizen’s life

WEST ORANGE, NJ — On June 22, Lawrence Lighten, an employee of PSE&G, was reading meters in Llewellyn Park when he heard cries for help. He quickly pinpointed them as coming from inside a three-car garage. He was able to open the garage door manually and found an older woman lying on the floor in severe pain. Lighten immediately called 9-1-1 and advised supervisor Angelo Solimine of the situation; Solimine subsequently joined him on scene for support. 

Police and EMTs quickly determined that the elderly woman had fallen four days prior and was unable to get help. She was taken to Mountainside Hospital for a possible broken hip. When West Orange police secured the home prior to leaving, they found that the stove had been lit the entire time. 

“We are grateful for Lawrence Lighten’s keen sense of awareness in coming to the aid of one of our residents,” Mayor Robert Parisi said. “If not for his quick thinking and actions, this story might have had a different ending. Both these PSE&G employees should be commended for going above and beyond the call of duty in keeping our community safe.”

PSE&G Regional Public Affairs manager Joseph McQueen further praised Lighten’s actions, saying, “He most likely saved this woman’s life. This is a perfect example of situational awareness working at its best. He was able to identify a problem and solve it safely. This behavior is something that we hope all PSE&G employees have while conducting company business. The moral of the story is: Some heroes don’t wear capes, they read meters.”