West Orange Board of Education holds annual reorganization meeting, Trigg-Scales voted president

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Terry Trigg-Scales was voted in as president and Jennifer Tunnicliffe as vice president at the annual West Orange Board of Education reorganization meeting on Jan. 7.

Melinda Huerta, who defeated incumbent Ken Alper in the November election, was sworn in as the newest board member. Huerta thanked the community for their support in both English and Spanish.

The board then voted on the following liaison positions for the 2021 school year: Huerta to the N.J. School Boards Association, with BOE member Gary Rothstein as alternate; Trigg-Scales to the Essex County Schools Boards Association, with Tunnicliffe as alternate; and Trigg-Scales and BOE member Cheryl Merklinger to the township.

The board also voted to appoint the following as members and chairpersons of the following committees: Tunnicliffe as the Legislative chairperson, with Trigg-Scales as alternate; Trigg-Scales and Tunnicliffe heading Negotiations; Merklinger and Rothstein as Policy chairpersons; and Merklinger and Huerta to sit on the Public Relations Committee.