Aubrey Orr joins Bloomfield College softball hitting elite

Editor’s note: The following article was submitted by Gladstone Harris, Bloomfield College sports information director.

BLOOMFIELD – With a too-hot-to handle comebacker to the pitcher in the bottom of the 10th inning international tie breaker verse Concordia College Clippers on March 16, Bloomfield College softball player Aubrey Orr truly earned her 100th career hit by beating out the ricocheted throw from the second baseman. A most fitting milestone for a player that has worked extremely hard for everything she has earned since joining Bloomfield in Fall 2013.

Orr joins teammate Kirsten Wilson as the only two current Bears to achieve that feat and also joins the exclusive 100 Hit Club where only 17 other Bears and Deacons have achieved such career milestones.

“Aubrey has worked very hard since she came here as a Freshman,” said Coach Ashton Corley. “I could not be more happy for her to achieve one of her career goals and I look forward to watch her chase 200. This milestone is a testament to her consistency in the cages and on the field and her sheer competitiveness.”

Orr’s 100th hit came as her 14th hit of the young season and since then has hit a hot streak recording five hits, including a leadoff double in the gap verse Post University, in just three games. Orr and Coach Corley hope she continues her hot streak and breaks 51 hits this season, her personal best set last year in the 2015 year.

Orr’s first collegiate hit came as a Deacon during the annual Spring Training trip in Cocoa Beach, Florida on March 9, 2014 versus Penn State Hazleton. This milestone single was also her first at bat of her career. Her first extra base hit was recorded a few days later on March 12th and was a 2-RBI double in the third inning of a game against Fisher College.

What is truly impressive about Orr’s career is her consistency at the plate. Orr has recorded 33 multi-hit games, including both ends of the recent doubleheader against Post, and four three-hit games. Orr has also hit safely in 72 of 107 contests she has played in. Currently, her career average is .315 and she has recorded 14 extra base hits. During her freshman campaign, Orr went on an eight game hitting streak between April 8th, 2014 and April 12th, 2014.

“Day in and day out, Aubrey constantly teases me about beating my career-hit mark and when she does I have no doubt that there will not be a prouder individual moment in my young coaching career,” said Corley.  “Aubrey’s hard work and competitiveness has gotten her to this milestone but I believe that her passion and goals for the game are going to push her to levels no one ever thought she would achieve. That is the kind of player Aubrey Orr is and that is the kind of player I want on my team.”


  1. Angie Yoshizu (2014) 241
  2. Vickie Berardi (2009) 203
  3. Ashton Corley (2013) 194
  4. Amanda Byrnes (2007) 188
  5. Krystina Poloni (2013) 167
  6. Mallorie Mathews (2009) 166
  7. Bianka Cosme (2011) 154
  8. Brianne Moore (2010) 146
  9. Nicole Cagnino (2010) 130
  10. Brittany DeVries (2010) 120
  11. Amanda Rusticus (2006) 119*

T12. Kira Wagar (2011) 116**

T12. Kirsten Wilson (Active) 118

  1. Amanda Bartels (2011) 109
  2. Alexandria Smith (2013) 103
  3. Aubrey Orr (active) 106

T16. Ashleigh Williams (2013) 100

* Stats for Amanda Rusticus only available through three seasons

** Stats for Kira Wagar compiled in just two years of play