HS Boys’ Basketball Essex County Tournament, third preliminary round and first round

HS Boys’ Basketball
Essex County Tournament

Third preliminary round, on or by Feb. 11

17-Verona at 16-Millburn

21-Livingston at 12-West Orange

20-Irvington at 13-Newark Tech

18-Orange at 15-Barringer

23-West Essex at 11-Columbia

19-North 13th Street Tech at 14-Bloomfield

First round, Feb. 13

winner of Millburn/Golda Och-Verona at 1-Seton Hall Prep

9-Immaculate Conception at 8-American History

winner of Livingston-West Orange at 5-West Side

winner of Irvington-Newark Tech at 4-Central

winner of Orange-Barringer at 2-East Side

10-Montclair at 7-Bloomfield Tech

winner West Essex-Columbia at 6-East Orange Campus

winner of North 13th Street Tech-Bloomfield at 3-University