World-renowned hoops shooting expert Dave Hopla stops by Glen Ridge HS for clinic

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GLEN RIDGE, NJ – If you want to learn the art of shooting a basketball, there’s no better person than Dave Hopla, a world-renowned shooting expert.

Boys and girls in grades 6-12 got a chance to listen and learn from Hopla during a clinic held at Glen Ridge High School on Thursday, August 17. The clinic drew approximately 50 kids.

Through demonstrations and a motivational speech, Hopla spoke to the kids about the proper ways to shoot a basketball. The kids then broke into groups and applied those lessons during drills at the basketball nets throughout the entire gym.

Hopla has spoken at many clinics throughout the world, including more than 20 times in China. He has worked with many NBA, WNBA, college and high school teams and players.
Hopla set a world record by making 18 straight NBA three-pointers in one minute, using one ball and one passer.

Hopla once made 1,234 free throws in a row without a miss, 211 high school three-pointers in a row without a miss, 181 college three-pointers in a row without a miss, and 78 NBA three-pointers in a row without a miss.