Maplewood Manta Rays springboard diving team defeats Mountainside

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MAPLEWOOD, NJ – The Maplewood Mantas, a summer seasonal competitive springboard diving team, for children ages 5-18, defeated Mountainside, 46-23, July 21.

First place winners:
Larkin Villatoro
Matt Morales
Gary Jones
Quinn Rauhl
Melinda Lituchy

Second place winners:
Claire Rhody
Charlie Keenan
Issac Ortiz
Lily Hummel

Third place winners:
Mehki Fitzgerald
Noah Maloney
Kendal Waite
Damian Cataneo
Cloey Strupp

The Manta Rays’ record is 2-2. Their last meet is Tuesday, July 25, and their championship meet is Friday and Sunday, July 28 and 30.