Maplewood Makos Swim Team has great time this summer, wins Swim for Food fundraising contest

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MAPLEWOOD, NJ – The 2017 Maplewood Makos Swim Team enjoyed a productive season this summer.

The season started with recruitment of several new coaches and new Head Coach leadership with Jane Ehlers and Mike Goodman at the helm. Tryouts were held as returning and new swimmers were outfitted in new suits and caps and took to the pool.

Beginning in early June, 110 Maplewood residents between the ages of 5 and 18 took the plunge to be a part of the Maplewood Makos Swim Team. Jumping into the pool at 7 a.m. every morning, the Makos trained and worked hard to remain competitive in their division. Their 2-6 record allows them to hold onto their spot in Division III of the North Jersey Summer Swim League.

The real Makos miracles, however, extended beyond the pool. As one of 20 teams participating in the Swim for Food program through the league, Makos swimmers collected and donated more than 1,100 pounds of food. The team edged out Verona to become the top raiser in the league of 21 teams in pounds of food.

Swim for Food is a program run through the North Jersey Summer Swim League that encourages swimmers to collect food donations to go to various pantries throughout the state in a competitive way. All of the food collected from Maplewood went to Roseville food pantry at the Roseville Presbyterian Church in Newark. Melissa Mancuso, Maplewood Recreation Director, stated, “The team is so fun to watch and their support for each other is something for parents and coaches to be proud of. To win the Swim for Food contest shows their dedication to the community and each other, both in and out of the pool. I’m happy to call these swimmers Maplewood athletes!”

In another effort to alleviate hunger in our communities, the Makos held a “Swim-a-Thon” where swimmers solicited donations to donate to Rent Party. The swimmers raised around $3,000 for the organization.  

“While the swim season may not have been the most fruitful in terms of wins, the Makos held tight to their spot in the Division and brought their sportsmanship to the community,” said Coach Ehlers. “I am so proud of the season that we had.”

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