Columbia HS girls’ track and field team wins Essex County Relays team title for ninth straight season

The Columbia High School girls’ track and field team won the team title at the Essex County Relays for the ninth straight season on Friday, May 5, at Livingston High School.

The Cougars had 94 points based on the top-six finishes in each event among the 22 scoring teams. West Orange was second with 62 points.

The CHS boys’ team finished fifth with 35 points among the 21 scoring teams. East Orange Campus won the boys’ team title for the second straight season.

The following are the CHS top-six finishes:


First place: Shuttle Hurdles: Ciara French, Dahari Lewis, Ayanna Henry, and Catherine Jordan

First place: Long Jump: Jordan and Henry.

First place: 4-x-800: Briana Reckling, Isadora Egypt, Olivia Smith, and Jordan

First place: Triple Jump: Henry and Lewis.

Second place: 4-x-100: French, Reckling, Nia Williams, and Lewis.

Second place: Sprint medley relay: French, Henry, Williams, and Jordan.

Second place:  Shot put and Discus: Shayla Keegan and Brianna Carthens.

Second place: 4-x-200: French, Lewis, Reckling and Williams.

Third place: High Jump: Kamile Sabio and Celine Eguewe.

Fourth place: Distance medley relay: Sari Rosenberg, Smith, Juli Rufolo, and Egypt.

Fourth place: 4-x-400: Williams, Rufolo, Smith, and Reckling.

Highlights: Jordan anchored the sprint medley relay In a 2:16.88 for the 800 and had the furthest long jump of the meet. Lewis had the longest triple jump of the meet. Reckling had a 57.3 split on the 4×400.


First place: 4-x-1,600: Jack O ‘Connell, Avery Coreschi, David Ives, and Jared Pangaollzzi (4:23 spilt)

First place: Distance medley relay:  Pangallozzi, Nile Garcia, Malcolm Moore, and  Coreschi

Other scoring relays:

4-x-800: Rob Howell, Justin Dyer, OConnell, and Jon Salinardo.

Sprint medley relay: Krys Ward, Luke Hayes, Howell, and Salinardo

4-x-200: Garcia, Moore, Howell, Matt Derlius

Long jump and triple jump: Derlius and Michael Wedderburn.

Next major meet: The CHS teams will gear up for the Super Essex Conference-American Division Championships at Livingston HS, May 12-13.