Our Lady of Sorrows cross-country team enjoys historic season

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – The Our Lady of Sorrows cross-country team posted fine results in its final two meets to end a historic season.

OLS rebounded their performance the previous week, capturing a season high eight medals and setting a new team record of thirty-seven medals during St. Mary’s Prep meet held at Loantaka Park in Morristown on Oct. 28.

Again, Maudie Grace Lomuscio led off with a 14th place, followed closely by Isabel Sabnekar in 17th in the opening race for the 3rd & 4th grade girls. Christina Paul demonstrated once again   tremendous determination with her strong finish. The boys were even more impressive with Joe Schmidt finishing sixth, Fionn Tynan 12th, Alfonso Dunmeyer 14th, Chris Schmidt 15th and Brendan McKeon 25th.

Emma Torres picked up a 6th place and Halle Jules in her season best took 8th place in the 5th & 6th race. Caroline Schmidt ran her best race of the year, just ahead of Ciara McKeon. Molly Donahue and Gwen Oakley completed the team.

In the most competitive race of the day, the Boys 7th & 8th, Jared Edwards finished a solid 4th.

OLS fielded one of the youngest teams in the league at the league Varsity and Junior Varsity Championships held at Oakridge Park in Clark on Saturday, Nov. 4, grabbing five medals and proving that this team will be a factor in 2018.

The meet opened with the Girls JV for the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades racing over a 1.4 mile course, almost twice the distance the 3rd and 4th graders ran all season. Maudie Grace Lomuscio, a fourth- grader, captured 10th and was followed by fourth-grader Isabel Sabnekar, Angelica Ciuffo and Christina Paul, both third-graders. The Boys JV followed with third-grader Joseph Schmidt placing 10th and fourth-grader Fionn Tynan, 11th. Alfonso Dunmeyer, another third-grader, would have finished in the medals, but he took a fall during the race and later helped another boy from another team who fell!

The Varsity races included the 6th, 7th & 8th grades and covered a 1.8 course which was a little long for the 7th & 8th graders but more than a half-mile longer for the 5th and 6th graders. Emma Torres finished seventh with Halle Jules not far behind while Molly Donahue, Caroline Schmidt and Gwen Oakley took to the longer distance without difficulty. All of the girls are sixth-graders. The boys had one seventh-grader, Jared Edwards, who finished a solid fourth, while sixth-graders Tyler Craig, Aryan Sabnekar and Declan Tynan handled the longer course convincingly.

And so, the team ended the season with a record 38 medals which was seven more than the previous record. Jared Edwards, Emma Torres and Joseph Schmidt qualified for the All League first team. Maudie Grace Lomuscio, Fionn Tynan and Christopher Schmidt made the second team, another team record.

The entire team returns next year!