Our Lady of Sorrows track and field team posts fine efforts to conclude season

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ – The Our Lady of Sorrows track and field team recently completed its season.

In a normal year, Saint Cassian’s school holds the final meet of the season and the athletes from OLS use it to gain school, class, and personal records. This year, after losing two battles with Mother Nature in two weeks, the Union Catholic High School Invitational re-scheduled for the same weekend.

The first meet was the Saint Cassian Invitational in Upper Montclair. Its non-championship format allows athletes to compete in events they prefer and the OLS athletes took full advantage.

Third-grader Mary Kola took third in the 3rd & 4th Grade Shot while Brendan McKeon took second for the boys. It was his first loss of the season. Ricardo Reid, an eighth-grader, took the final OLS medal in the shot, a third-place finish.  Antoine Laurent and Will Spreeman also competed. Zoey Rooplal took a third place in the Girls 3rd & 4th TurboJav and Isabell Sabnekar finished the field event scoring with a second in the Girls 5th & 6th Long Jump.

On the track, Peter Dio took second in the 3rd & 4th 100 while Jalial Marshall grabbed second in the girls’ race, with Allison Wade taking fourth. The 200 saw London McLain take a third place in the Boys 3rd & 4th, while Ricardo Reid was second in the 7th & 8th event.

The biggest surprise of the day occurred when Brendan McKeon won the Boys 3rd & 4th 400, just ahead of Rafael Dunmeyer. Seventh-grader Alyma Karbownik took the girls’ event in a very fast time. Joe Schmidt extended his winning streak in the 3rd & 4th 1,600 to three, just ahead of a rapidly improving Alfonso Dunmeyer, who gets better every week. Finally, the relay team of Emma Torres, Stephanie James, Alyma Karbownik and Isabell Sabnekar grabbed third in the 7th & 8th race, while Brice Spreeman and Alfonso Dunmeyer teamed with two fifth-graders from Saint Cassian in an unusual inter-school arrangement that placed third!

The final meet of the season was at Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains where the OLS team, reduced by 40 percent, still finished sixth out 14 teams.

The opening 1,600-meter run was OLS’ most productive event with Joe Schmidt winning his fourth consecutive race, Alfonso Dunmeyer in second place, and Christopher Schmidt in fourth place. Maudie Grace Lomuscio was third in the Girls 5th & 6th race. Jared Edwards’ fourth-place effort in the Boys 7th & 8th race finished the scoring. The 400 was one of the more competitive events, but Rafael Dunmeyer managed a fourth place in the Boys 3rd & 4th event and Zayda Gordon, a fifth place in the Girls 5th & 6th race. Then, Alyma Karbownik took second in the Girls 7th & 8th 400. She then won the 200 where she is undefeated this season. Ricardo Reid placed fourth in the Boys 7th & 8th grade race. The 800 was not a “happy place” for OLS, but Isabell Sabnekar scored a fourth place in the Girls 5th & 6th race. Later, she scored a sixth place in the Long Jump.

The field events are always strong events for OLS and this meet was no different. Third-grader Mary Kola placed fifth in the 3rd & 4th event and Brendan Schmidt placed second for the boys. Mary came back with a fifth place in the TurboJav while Joe Schmidt and Alfonso Dunmeyer placed third and fourth for the Boys 3rd & 4th competition.

OLS was able to fill only two relays, but the Boys 3rd & 4th placed third and the Girls 5th & 6th ran second.