Four West Orange High School athletes commit on Signing Day

Photo Courtesy of WOSD
Seated, from left, are West Orange High School athletes Aquan Robinson, Shakhi Carson, Tiara Wilson and Jayson Raines, with Principal Hayden Moore standing behind them.

WEST ORANGE, NJ — Four outstanding West Orange High School athletes signed with their respective colleges and universities on Dec. 15, aka Signing Day.

For track and field, Tiara Wilson signed with Johnson C. Smith University, located in Charlotte, N.C. For football, Aquan Robinson signed with the University of Massachusetts, located on campuses throughout Massachusetts; Jayson Raines signed with Stanford University, located in Stanford, Calif.; and Shakhi Carson signed with Kent State University, located in Kent, Ohio.

“We are extremely proud of all our athletes here at West Orange High School,” Principal Hayden Moore said. “It took determination, hard work and commitment to follow COVID-19 safety protocols on the field and maintain good grades with virtual learning.

“I know Tiara, Aquan, Jayson and Shakhi will be successful and I look forward to hearing about all their accomplishments as they move on and begin the next chapter in their lives.”