Hawkins nominated for Voice Arts Award

Photo Courtesy of Linda Cofer
West Orange native Hillary Hawkins has been nominated for a Voice Arts Award.

WEST ORANGE, NJ — At a time when #MeToo activists, the Bill Cosby scandal and sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh have taken center stage, former host of “Nick Jr.” Hillary Hawkins, the author and voice actor of “Molestation Monologues,” released last June on Audible, has been nominated for a 2018 Voice Arts Award. Hawkins, a native of West Orange, has also seen her“Molestation Monologues” be named to Amazon’s Bestseller List in three categories: Teen & Young Adult Sexual Abuse, Performing Arts eBooks and Theater.

The fifth annual Voice Arts Awards, produced by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, will be held Nov. 18 at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, Calif.

“It is truly an honor to be nominated and it makes me feel like it’s finally OK to speak out about these issues that are all too often swept under the rug — child sexual abuse, teen relationship abuse, sexual harassment and rape. We have to open our mouths and use our voices in order to effectuate change and it is a blessing to finally have a voice that can be heard,” Hawkins said. “I believe God has equipped each and every one of us with unique talents and abilities and that we are here to use them for the greater good. For me, that happens to be my voice, my writing. I feel blessed to be able to continue my efforts to save the children through the creative arts.”