Newark Academy gallery to feature work of Jordan Matter

LIVINGSTON, NJ — The David Teiger ’47 Gallery for the Studio Arts at Newark Academy will feature the work of Jordan Matter, portrait and dance photographer and author of New York Times bestseller “Dancers Among Us.” Matter will share many of the pieces from this series in the form of large, luminous prints that capture professional dancers leaping, spinning and kicking while in the midst of daily living. The exhibit also includes a number of pieces from Jordan’s new book, “Born to Dance.”

“Dancers are storytellers. They’re trained to capture passion with their bodies. They bring to life what we feel, but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically,” Matter said.

Indeed, the viewer is confronted with dynamic images that amaze and delight, and while one might suspect manipulation of the photos, they are, in fact, unaltered by postproduction. What is on view is exactly what Jordan snapped with his camera.

In addition to sharing his work with the community, Jordan will conduct a workshop, sharing his approach with the dance and photography classes at Newark Academy. The exhibit will be on display from Oct. 13 through Nov. 20, with an opening reception and book signing Monday, Oct. 15, at 2:30 p.m. For more information, visit