School of Rock Montclair student to pursue music degree at William Paterson

WO-school of rock drummond-WMONTCLAIR, NJ — Dylan Drummond, who studied guitar at School of Rock Montclair and who graduated from West Orange High School as a member of the Class of 2016, is planning to continue his musical pursuits as he enters his freshman year at college.

“School of Rock Montclair gave me the opportunity to play with musicians of different ages and skill levels, and that experience helped my songwriting and playing to become more stylistically diverse,” Drummond said in a press release. “I had the opportunity to explore many different music genres thanks to the school’s excellent teachers, and I learned how how each genre requires its own particular guitar ‘sound’ and approach. Most importantly, I learned that for a band to gel and be successful, it’s important to really listen to, and musically support, all of your fellow band members.”