SOMSD students display their art at annual exhibit in mall

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LIVINGSTON, NJ — This February marked the Essex County Education Association’s 23rd annual art exhibition at the Livingston Mall and several South Orange and Maplewood students were chosen to represent the district. The show ran from Feb. 28 through March 6.

From South Mountain Annex and Clinton Elementary School, with art teacher Tara Kanter, participating students were kindergarteners Emilia Aarts and Siran Goro; first-grader Darnell Azeez Jr.; and fifth-graders Ira Bradburd, Calvin Lee and Laila Rappaport.

From Clinton Elementary School, with art teacher Caroline Warshany, participating students were kindergartener John Placke; second-grader Kye Meyer; third-grader Madeline Wright; and fourth-graders Emily Tong, Rosie Weinstein and Amalia Mullen.

From Jefferson Elementary School, with art teacher Eva McNally, participating students were third-graders Shira Cook, Boris O’Hara and Addison Park; fourth-graders Ella Austin, Joshua Crosse, Ellie Horwitz, Dae Kavanaugh, Justin Krimershmoys, Evan Olaine and Penelope Song; and fifth-graders Amelia Burroughs, Maxwell Eyler, Eli Groner and Emelia Robie. McNally served as district coordinator and managed all district submissions for this exhibit.

From Tuscan Elementary School, with art teacher Jenna Heaslip, participating students were second-grader Tendai Gondo, third-grader Emma Pun and fourth-grader Arlo Woods.

From Maplewood Middle School, with art teacher Michele Reisman, participating students were seventh-graders Liam Cain, Justin Connell, Cerys Evans, Alanya Friedman, Ava Fuller, Capri Gigante, Lia Giger, Nina Glenn, Helen Jones, Lorelei McBride, Simon Meade, Gavin Minghenelli, Clara Paynter and Ananya Pimplaskar; and eighth-graders Siena Andreini, Michael Biggs, Faith Carter, Regie Deeble-Jackson, Carly Goldberg, Corinne Jin-Hendel, Olivia Sanchez and Dylan Williams. 

Also from Maplewood Middle School, with art teacher Sara Miller, participating students were Samuel Taber-Kewene, Julia Friedrich, Corrine Jin-Hendel, Ethan Parlin, Lilah Sigalos, Megan Quraishi, Jackson Pellegrino, Regie Deeble Jackson, Oliver Drayton, Elliott Spillberg, Charlotte Drechsler and Jacob Mukalel.

From Columbia High School, with art teacher Karen Murphy, participating students were Julianne Hatton-Henigan, Roselynn Holdbrook, Victoria Hollingsworth, Brakgwyn Macabeo and Pilar Uhl.

Photos Courtesy of James Manno