South Orange doctor honored for work helping deaf children

Photo Courtesy of Sound Start Foundation
Dr. Jed. A Kwartler

A South Orange doctor will be honored for his work helping deaf and hard of hearing children.

The Sound Start Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting children born deaf or hard of hearing in New Jersey, will be honoring Dr. Jed A. Kwartler at their upcoming annual gala.

“Sound Start chose Dr. Kwartler as its 2024 Honoree for many reasons, chief among them being his outstanding contributions to otology and neurotology, which have impacted the lives of thousands of children with hearing impairments,” said Bromme H. Cole, chief executive officer of the Sound Start Foundation.

Kwartler is being recognized for his career-long devotion to advancements in the field of otology and neurotology, particularly his work with hearing implants. The gala is scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 9, at The Mansion in Mountain Lakes.

Kwartler’s achievements as an otology and neurotology surgeon include several notable New Jersey firsts. He performed the first surgery on a child for a Cochlear Implant; implanted the first middle ear hearing aid, the Vibrant Soundbridge; and introduced the first subcutaneous osseointegrated implants with the MedEI Bonebridge and Cochlear Osia, according to a press release from the Sound Start Foundation.

“To paraphrase an old saying, behind every cochlear implant surgeon is a village,” Kwartler said. “I could not do what I do without the teachers, audiologists, speech therapists, nurses, industry support, scientists, and mentors so I share this honor with all of them.”

Kwartler has been consistently recognized as a “Best Doctor” and “Top Doctor” by various organizations. He is a clinical associate professor of otolaryngology at Rutgers, N.J. Medical School. He served as head of the Ear Specialty Center at Summit Health and was a former partner there.

Although now retired from active practice, Kwartler remains engaged, volunteering for various organizations, occasionally lecturing, and continuing to contribute on the editorial board of the Otology and Neurotology Journal.

Kwartler’s educational journey began at Rutgers NJ Medical School, followed by the pursuit of a business degree culminating in an MBA from Rutgers Business School.

His training included a fellowship in otology, neurotology and skull base surgery at the world-renowned House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles.

Kwartler lives in South Orange with his wife Carol Barash. The couple recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by visiting friends in New Orleans and then driving the Civil Rights trail, culminating in a three-day course in Restorative Justice practices. They have three children: Zach and his wife Pam Fischer, Talia and her husband David Holt, and Eliana. And a beloved grandson Lucas. To learn more about Sound Start Foundation, purchase tickets to the gala, or become a sponsor, visit: