West Orange HS theater takes audience down rabbit hole with ‘Alice In Wonderland’

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — In a whimsical change of pace, the West Orange High School theater department presented “Alice in Wonderland” as its fall play from Nov. 18 through 20.

The classic Lewis Carroll tale was brought to life with humor, wit and the usual wacky characters that populated Carroll’s tale of Alice, a young girl who follows a talking rabbit into a rabbit hole and lands in Wonderland. 

Cast members were Makayla Arjoon, Richard Arjoon, Brandon Dios, Miranda Elmera, Hayley Goldberg, Nakhayla Green, Jack Harwood, Carlo Henriquez, Gavin Jaskot, Morgan Lanzot Woodridge, Giancarlo Minervino, Ewan O’Sullivan, Morgan L. Palent, Mia S. Peretz, Ofelia Perez, Annabel Reilly, Joelle Robertson, Cullen R. Smith, Sam Soroko, Craig Stanley Jr. and Lance Zeligson.

Adults who worked on the production were Director Wendy Mapes-Chrzanowski, producer and Assistant Director Deb Coen, technical Director and lighting designer Lauren M. Grof-Tisza, sound designer Mazen Dahroug, set constructor Max Grossman, set decorator Amanda Best, costume coordinator Sharon Ortiz, hair and makeup designer Danniel Barnes, hair and makeup crew member Oona Calendar, publicity director Patricia Aldworth, box office manager Katie Emolo, and house manager Craig Champagne. 

Students on the production team were Shana Alcius Noel, Jihahn Conaway, Nadgee Coriolan, Shane Donagher, Anisha Ellis, Timia Ellis, Jonathan Garcia, Jojo Garcia, Alex Gonzales, John Gonzales, Madison Gough, Landen Griola, Elena Hause, Paul Hutchinson, Maya Iwuala, Alyssa Jules, Willa Kass, Delia Kravits, Olivia Lambert, Eloise Lemos, Daniel Levin, Jazziria Lopez, Mikele Parker, Charlie Peterson, Gus Peterson, Olivia Raymond, Yes Riley, Claudia Rogers, Abigail Rothstein, Sam Selikoff, Michael Spool, Yulia Vera Toala, Rocio Urquia, Joshua Urquia, Rocky Zeppa, Siena Zeppa and Chloe Zucker.

Photos Courtesy of Pete Ficuciello