ADAPT youth leaders collaborate with local businesses to prevent underage drinking

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SOUTH ORANGE, NJ — As April is Alcohol Awareness Month, youth leaders from The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team took part in a Sticker Shock Campaign at three South Orange liquor stores: University Liquors on South Orange Avenue, A&D Liquors on Valley Street and Wine Emporium on Valley Street, all of which were enthusiastic in their participation.

The Sticker Shock Campaign is one initiative used by ADAPT’s youth leaders to educate the community and prevent adults from purchasing alcoholic beverages for minors. It is a national effort that brings attention to the consequences of underage drinking in a manner that involves youth, customers and business owners. The sticker had a warning message stating that purchasing alcohol for minors can lead to up to six months in prison.

“As this initiative displays, there are businesses in the community who are looking to ensure residents and youth are safe and free of any substance abuse,” ADAPT coordinator Joel Torres said in a press release. “They are willing to collaborate with the youth leaders who bring innovative and creative prevention initiatives to our county to make sure their peers and other community members understand the issues related to underage drinking and substance abuse.”

For more details on the Sticker Shock Campaign or other ADAPT initiatives, contact Torres at 973-323-3907 or

Photos Courtesy of Nancy Wellbrock