Cafe hosts Coffee and Conversations

Photo Courtesy of Adrienne Wooten
People in the audience had a chance to ask locally elected officials about various issues during the Coffee and Conversation event at Inner City Cafe.

ORANGE, NJ – Orange Councilwoman Adrienne Wooten hosted a “Coffee and Conversations” event on Saturday, May 6 at Inner City Café.
Residents were able to enjoy food, drinks and address municipal issues with guests Mayor Dwayne Warren and Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake.

“What a privilege it was to be hosted by Councilwoman Adrienne Wooten, the council, various leadership and Mayor Warren for Coffee and Conversations at the beautiful Inner-City Café,” Timberlake said after the event. “Orange residents came with questions regarding housing, economic development, immigration, climate change, education, women in the workforce and so much more.”

Warren made several announcements on the night, addressing concerns about housing, food insecurity and many more.
“Based on my advocacy, Assemblywoman Timberlake and the entire Essex County delegation are moving on critical issues such as affordable housing, school funding and property tax relief,” Warren said. “Importantly, the proposed foreclosure litigation is key to extending community wealth and home ownership.”

Coffee and Conservations is an event held once a month to allow Orange residents to talk directly with their representatives and address concerns that they have.

“Coffee and Conversations has been the catalyst that I employ to stir a powerful brew of community engagement,” Wooten said. “My goal and dedication to coffee and conversations is to cultivate dialogue over a cup of coffee, reminding us that the simplest acts can nurture profound change.”
Timberlake discussed upcoming legislative changes, including that she is running unopposed for the state Senate seat for the 34th Legislative District.

“I was happy to talk about all of the legislation I have proposed, some have passed, others are pending passage,” Timberlake said. “To help alleviate concerns in all of the areas that residents inquired about. I am looking forward to representing Orange and serving as the next New Jersey State Senator, in lockstep with Orange’s Mayor, Councilwoman Wooten, various leadership; and most importantly the residents.”
Warren doubled down on Timberlake’s statements, fully supporting her message and campaign.

“Assemblywoman Timberlake highlighted a number of initiatives that benefit Orange and its residents,” Warren said. “She also confirmed that Orange would fare even better as she takes on the role of State Senator where she has direct input in the selection process for statewide policymakers.”

Warren and Timberlake emphasized the importance of events like this to help them more effectively advocate for and work on behalf of the citizens of Orange and New Jersey as a whole.

“I urge all citizens to utilize and participate in the coffee and conversations platform to assure that their voices are heard across all levels of government and that public policy reflects community desires,” Warren said. “The frank, open discussions and information exchange is a valuable tool in moving Orange forward.”
Wooten doubled down on the Mayor’s message.

“With each sip, I kindle connections, ignite ideas and awaken the spirit of unity,” Wooten said. “Through the warmth of coffee and tea, if you prefer the power of conversation, I embrace my role as bridge-builder, fostering understanding and forging a path towards a brighter future for Orange.”