Downtown Maplewood redevelopment brings mail, parking changes

MAPLEWOOD, NJ — As the post office site redevelopment project progresses, residents should be aware of certain changes that are being instituted downtown.

Firstly, the U.S. Postal Service will be relocating the mail collection boxes now in front of the former post office. One of the boxes will be placed in front of the new post office. Other boxes will be placed near the train station entrance in the Ricalton parking lot. Mail collection times will be listed on each box.

As for parking, the township recently announced temporary parking changes that are effective from now until an announcement stating they are not.

Commercial truck parking and loading/unloading is not permitted in Ricalton Square any longer; however, the loading/unloading of vans and small vehicles that park completely in a single parking space will be permitted in the Ricalton Square lot. In response, the township has temporarily created a designated loading zone in front of King’s at 159 Maplewood Ave. The loading zone is to be used by delivery trucks only during the designated hours of 6 to 10 a.m.

During this timeframe, only commercial vehicles actively loading/unloading are permitted in this area. After 10 a.m., non-commercial vehicles may park in front of 159 Maplewood Ave.

Commercial vehicles may also use business driveways to load/unload throughout the day.

The Maplewood Police Department is also reminding everyone to park legally. In an effort to minimize the impact on traffic, businesses and deliveries, the police department and its parking enforcement officers will be strictly enforcing all parking signs and no parking zones, according to a township release.