East Orange mayor launches ‘Green Initiative’ on Earth Day

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EAST ORANGE, NJ — In celebration of Earth Day, East Orange launched its “Green Initiative,” a new partnership with Essex County–based 4.0 Analytics, whose Mechanic on Board device will be a game changer in the world of environmental sustainability and community wellness, according to a press release from the city.

According to the 4.0 Analytics website, “Using proprietary algorithms and a wireless interface device that plugs into a vehicle to transmit data, MoB enables real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s health while in operation, converting the data into actionable alerts — along with requisite in-depth diagnostic data — to avoid expensive failures and stranded vehicles/owners. The end result is better fuel efficiencies, lower maintenance costs and extended vehicle life, for a high return on investment.”

Adding to this historical launch, 4.0 Analytics, helmed by CEO Mark L. Scotland and Corporate Vice President of Operations Gloria Cowart, is the first and only black-owned company in this industry segment, according to the city. East Orange is the first city in the world to adopt this program, using patent-pending software created by Scotland, an East Orange native and former city councilman. 

Installation of the technology began in January 2022 and will outfit more than 100 light- and medium-duty vehicles of the East Orange municipal fleet. Additional benefits of the technology will be significant cost savings to taxpayers — projected to be between 5 percent to 45 percent based on several variables — as well as an improvement in the city’s overall health, which has been disproportionately affected by higher rates of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, heart disease, cancer and more.

“We are a great city doing great things. I could not be more proud to be the mayor of East Orange as we continue to actively work towards our goal of progress, which includes being on the right side of history doing the right thing,” Mayor Ted Green said.

U.S. Rep. Donald M. Payne Jr. pledged his support for the installation and expansion of this technology.

“I want to commend 4.0 Analytics on their work in creating a more sustainable planet starting with the city of East Orange,” Payne said. “This is a remarkable initiative, and, more importantly, I am beyond thrilled that this is happening here.” 

Other East Orange officials were similarly pleased with the city’s new initiative.

“This administration continues to be the change that this world needs. It is truly an honor to witness such greatness unfold here in the city of East Orange,” 2nd Ward Councilwoman Brittany D. Claybrooks said. “I want to commend Mark Scotland because 4.0 is not only a black-owned company that is local, but it also understands the importance of inviting the talent of our black sisters into the room and into this space. So, thank you, Gloria, for what you are also doing in this space in the area of sustainability.”

“The city of East Orange is leading the charge when it comes to urban cities actively implementing procedures and policies that address global warming. The responsibility that we have to the planet is immeasurable,” Council Chairperson Christopher Awe said. “What we do today directly affects the future beyond the city of East Orange.”

“The biggest takeaway from this initiative is that we are all in this together. Collectively, we can create a better tomorrow starting with today,” said 5th Ward Councilman Mustafa Brent, who serves as Public Works Committee chairperson.

Scotland said his software helps to bring communities closer to achieving climate change goals for 2030 and 2050, as constructed by the United Nations. By 2050, the goal is to have net-zero emissions as more and more motorists invest in electric vehicles. 

“Climate change doesn’t discriminate. Either directly or indirectly, it affects us all,” Scotland said. “Everyone should be able to participate in the fight, and this is what Mechanic on Board accomplishes.”

Photos Courtesy of East Orange City Hall