Elderly pedestrian hit by motor vehicle on PVW

WEST ORANGE, NJ — An 83-year-old West Orange resident was struck by a car in the area of Pleasant Valley Way and Eagle Rock Avenue on Thursday, Nov. 30, while crossing the street. According to a press release from the town, the accident happened at approximately 6:30 p.m., when the car made a left turn onto Eagle Rock Avenue from Pleasant Valley Way.

The driver, also a West Orange resident, told police the accident occurred outside of the crosswalk. According to the press release, the pedestrian suffered injuries to her left arm, right thigh and head. She was transported to University Hospital.

The intersection at Pleasant Valley Way and Eagle Rock Avenue has been a source of frustration for many West Orange residents due to the speed limits and the few pedestrian crosswalks in the area.

“There’s no pedestrian crossing,” West Orange Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board member Roz Moskovitz Bielski told the Chronicle in a phone interview on Dec. 4, saying that the PSAB has been advocating for more law enforcement on the street. “There’s nowhere for pedestrians to cross, and we’ve asked for more crossing faces.”