Final property leases at ON3

Photo Courtesy of Eisai Inc.
Pharmaceutical company Eisai Inc. will bring 1,200 jobs to Nutley when it moves its headquarters to the above building at ON3.

NUTLEY, NJ — ON3 can now boast 100-percent occupancy, thanks to the lease recently signed by Eisai Inc., a pharmaceutical company that will move its New Jersey–based headquarters from Woodcliff Lake to the Nutley and Clifton redevelopment in late 2021.

“Initially, we were drawn to this location as it offers us the opportunity to have all of our headquarter employees located under one roof. Once we visited the site, we were impressed with the cutting-edge design and the collaborative, employee-friendly and safe working environment,” Joel Beetsch, vice president of corporate affairs at Eisai Inc., told the Nutley Journal. “ON3 aspires to be the bio-ecosystem hub for Northeast New Jersey. Eisai is proud to be the marquee biopharmaceutical company that is part of this ecosystem.

“ON3 has created an exceptional workplace environment for its tenants. The creative urban planning that will integrate office, retail, fitness, restaurant, entertainment, residential and lodging space is extremely attractive to our company,” Beetsch continued. “Finally, ON3 offers an extremely attractive geographic location with easy access to New York City, major roadways, international airports and many transportation options for employees.”

Along with new Eisai Inc.’s 15-story building, ON3 — formerly the site of health care company Hoffmann-La Roche — also features the Hackensack Meridian Health Center for Discovery and Innovation, the Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, Quest Diagnostics, and Seton Hall University’s Graduate College of Nursing and School of Health and Medical Sciences.

“Eisai is beginning a working relationship with Hackensack Meridian Health,” Beetsch said of his company’s new neighbor. “The School of Medicine is not a current partner, however, there is significant opportunity for expanded research and development across the ON3 campus, with which Eisai hopes to be a part.”

For site redeveloper Prism Capital Partners, Eisai Inc. is a perfect match for ON3 and is extra special for bringing the campus to full occupancy.

“It’s a very exciting event, not only for us at Prism, but for Eisai, the towns of Nutley and Clifton, and for ON3. This marks the lease of the last property,” Prism principal Edwin Cohen said in an Aug. 19 phone interview with the Nutley Journal. Cohen is principal along with Eugene Diaz. “This will also help with spearheading future development for ON3. It also helps further the expansion of the biopharma infrastructure on campus that we’ve created. And it brings an additional 1,200 jobs to the area. This is a win-win for everybody: us, Eisai, the towns, the county, the region. It goes a long way toward fulfilling our vision for ON3.”

The move is equally special for Eisai Inc., which hopes to form a close connection with the towns of Nutley and Clifton.

“Eisai is a company dedicated to human health care. As part of that commitment, we look forward to working collaboratively within the Nutley and Clifton communities to be a good neighbor and support community programming of mutual interest to both Eisai and the cities,” Beetsch said. “While this relationship has only just begun, we at Eisai look forward to building the relationship with Nutley and Clifton.”