Irvington NAN donates items to local women’s shelter for the holidays

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IRVINGTON, NJ — In an effort to brighten spirits for the holidays and to help others as the cold weather settles in, the Irvington chapter of the National Action Network, in conjunction with Spinnerrellas Lady Ryderz LLC, donated much-needed items to an Irvington shelter for women and children. Through this initiative, the National Action Network has spread joy and has helped to keep women and children warm this season.

Turning Point Community Services in Irvington is a community-based organization that addresses the needs of underserved people, especially women and children. October Hudley, the president of the Irvington chapter of the National Action Network, discussed the partnership between the two donating groups behind the donations.

“The Irvington chapter of National Action is an independent volunteer organization which operates in a specific geographical region and supports the programs and goals of the National Action Network, under the leadership of the honorable Rev. Al Sharpton,” Hudley said on Monday, Jan 3. “The Spinnerrellas Lady Ryderz LLC is a cycling group of women that ride to promote health. We contacted the agency to see what items the women and children use. They provided us with some suggested items the women and children could use for the winter months.”

The items donated by NAN and Spinnerrellas Lady Ryderz LLC to the women’s shelter included blankets, hats, gloves and socks, which were given to 50 people.

“The donations of blankets came from members of the Irvington chapter NAN and Irvington chapter NAN organizations,” Hudley said. “Spinnerrellas hosted a hat and glove drive, where people attended and donated for the cause. As a collaborative effort, blankets, gloves and socks were donated to the women’s shelter. We wanted to spread joy to the women and children during the holiday season and to let them know we care.”

Hudley said it felt very gratifying to do this for others. She also gave a brief insight into her organization’s next community service venture.

“We decided to donate to the women’s shelter first because it was a way of providing a service to local residents. Also, because we would be able to help mothers and their children to help brighten their spirits during the winter holidays,” Hudley said. “The items will come in handy to keep the women and children warm during the winter months. It’s always a gratifying feeling when you do the good deed of community service. This year, we are looking forward to doing a food giveaway for the community, to serve hundreds of people in need.”