Rutzky announces that district cuts will not be as severe due to contract agreement

WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange School District released the following statement April 18 from Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Rutzky:

Based on the tentative agreement for health benefits and salary with the West Orange Education Association, the additional $1.3 million dollars in budget cuts will no longer be needed. Therefore, the library media specialist positions are not being discussed or eliminated.

“Please know that approximately 70 Rice notices were provided to district employees so the Board of Education members can legally discuss any matter involving those staff members’ employment, if needed.

“This process is followed annually in our school district and in school districts across the state during the budget process and prior to staff reappointments. Furthermore, a Rice notice must be provided to every employee listed on the Board agenda.”

Employees and prospective employees are entitled to receive a Rice notice whenever a matter involving their employment is being placed on a Board of Education’s agenda, whether the board ends up discussing that individual or not. The reason for these notices is to give the employees potentially being discussed the option to waive their right to have their employment discussed in the privacy of a closed meeting.