Valentine’s Day fete hosted for seniors

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IRVINGTON, NJ — Mayor Tony Vauss hosted a Valentine’s Day event for the senior community at the Chris Gatling Recreation Center on Tuesday, Feb. 14. Guests include state Sen. Renee Burgess, Councilwoman Jamillah Beasley and October Hudley, who wished the seniors a happy Valentine’s Day. New Senior Center managers Shante Burr and Christian Harris organized the event, reaching out to the mayor and others to coordinate the celebration.

In addition to wishing the seniors a happy Valentine’s Day, there were raffles for prizes and the opportunity to have a date with various detectives and firefighters in the Irvington Police and Fire departments. Irvington Public Safety Director Tracy Bowers and Irvington Public Safety Deputy Director John Brown were among the list of people being auctioned. Anthony Vauss Jr. and members of Vauss’s cabinet were also available to take seniors on a date during the event.

Barr spoke to the seniors and let them know how much love and support they have from community members in Irvington.
“This is our time from the township to show you (seniors) how much we appreciate and love you,” Barr said at the event.

“I have been working this, our senior community, for well over 12 years,” Vauss told the Irvington Herald. “Now I’m helping younger people like Shante and Christian to have those opportunities to have positions and help people. I love giving younger people an opportunity to help others and make a difference in their communities.”
“We love and appreciate all of you, without you I would not be the man that I am today,” Vauss said at the event.

Burgess also spoke to the seniors at the event and let them know that they are always in her heart.
“Please give it up for yourselves seniors,” Burgess said. “I am so happy to be here and to see your wonderful faces. It is always great to do good work and give back to the seniors in the township.”

“I love doing this work for the seniors and everyone in Irvington who helped me get to this point,” Burgess told the Irvington Herald. “Everyone here in Irvington is in my heart when I’m in Trenton, creating legislation for them and everyone in New Jersey to have better lives.”
After the auctions ended, there were other raffle prizes awarded for massages and various prizes for the seniors to win.

Barr said she was very proud to host a successful Valentine’s day celebration for the seniors in her new position.

“Everyone seems to be having a great time. The seniors are loving this event,” Barr told the Irvington Herald. “I could not be happier to see everyone having a great time.”