West Orange Scholarship Fund awards $92,000 to graduating seniors

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WEST ORANGE, NJ — The West Orange Scholarship Fund distributed $92,000 in scholarships to graduating West Orange High School seniors at Senior Awards Night on June 7.

The evening began with a welcome from West Orange High School Principal Hayden Moore, followed by student recognition for academic excellence and community service.

A series of military awards, including full ROTC scholarships to Michael Giovine and Abby Rosu, followed. Several local scholarships were then announced.

The WOSF then took to the stage to present their series of scholarships. Formed in 1923, the WOSF has donated money to graduating seniors of West Orange High School in an amount of more than $1 million. Treasurer Jim Quinn, President Rich Rizzolo and trustees stood by to assist with distribution of the scholarships; 56 endowments provided scholarships for more than 100 students.

Notable this year was the first scholarship awarded in memory of musician and West Orange resident Tommy Page, who died in 2017. The scholarship was presented to Leonardo Zeoli by friends Mark Levinsohn and Lisa Boymann.

The evening concluded with the awarding of the valedictorian and salutatorian sashes to Aishwarya Kanagala and Aion Ashby in anticipation of the graduation ceremonies at Codey Arena on June 21.

Military awards announced at the June 7 event included: Marines Distinguished Athlete Award to Aliya Perkins; Marines Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence to Eion Lynn; Marines Distinguished Scholastic Excellence Award to Siena Pizzano; U.S. Army Athletics Award to Michael Giovine and Madison Mitchell; Air Force ROTC Scholarship to Michael Giovine; Army ROTC Scholarship to Abby Rosu; VFW Post 376 – Commander Ralph Panciello Merit Scholarship to Madison Mitchell and Chisom Chima; and Robert Cappezzano Memorial Scholarship to Abby Rosu.

Local Scholarship Awards included: Black History Month Dinner Scholarship to Marc Younker; Melissa Williams Scholarship to Dana Romaniello DaSilva; Betty Maddalena Memorial Award to Chukwuebizie Anuamadi and Chibueze Nnodim; Dean Michael Clarizio Cancer Foundation Scholarship to Blair Allen, Gina Sturdivant and Aliyah Vanterpool; Seed Scholarship Award to Rebka Fried and Jada Stanfield-Jones; West Orange Elks Lodge No. 1590 Most Valuable Student Scholarship to Abby Rosu; Sanford L. Kahn Post No. 538 Jewish War Veterans XX Olympiad Memorial Award to Kaycie Elifani; Montclair Chapter of the Drifters Inc. to Angeline Fields, Taniyah Smith and Devonne Vickers; and PASSE Scholarship to George Lliguicota, Vincent Means, Raphael Eginhard, Lucas Scalora, Alexis Taylor and Sarah Lynn Thomas.

Orange/West Orange UNICO Scholarships announced included: WOHS AFJROTC Scholarship to Gabrielle Petrucelli; Anthony & Flora Gonnella Memorial Scholarship to Marc Younker; Vecchio Family Memorial Scholarship to Aion Ashby; Frank Franklin Memorial Scholarship to Samantha Herbert; William Martini Memorial Scholarship to Matigan Kohlman; O/WO UNICO Scholarship in Memory of Carmine Campanile to Siena Pizzano; O/WO UNICO Scholarship to Cameron Gart; and Michele & Lucia Russo Italian Language Award to Johana Miranda.

West Orange Scholarship Fund Awards presented included: Ian Jordan Goldmunz Scholarship to Sophia Raines; Louise Spitz Lehman Scholarship to Monae Banks and Briana Gibbs; West Orange Mountain Club/Jack Bogwold Scholarship to Selene Headley and Bijan Terani; Lori and Marty Waldman Family Scholarship to Medjyne Dalencour and Jada Stanfield-Jones; Peg Reitman Carter Scholarship to Carlos McKenzie;  an anonymous scholarship to Aishwarya Kanagala; Joseph Tylus Memorial Fund Scholarship to Amanda Nyarko; West Orange Fund Scholarship to Louann Dorcinvil; Reid Family Trust Scholarship to Justin Bouyer and Simone Colon; Jerry P. Tarnoff Scholarship Fund to Kayla Edwards and Margaux Whitehead; Weston Family Fund to Jordan Delvalle, Aliya Perkins and Sophia Wadih; Krimmel/Selpe Memorial Fund to Marie Amoyaw; Jeanne Herman Saslow Fund Scholarship to Blair Allen; Subhash Kar Memorial Scholarship to Vrajkumar Patel; Jano Lee Groves Scholarship to Daine Ocampo-Martinez; Spinelli Family Scholarship to Jakeli Lliguicota; Quinn Family Scholarship to Estelle Eustache and Edgar Jovel; Linda Quinn Memorial Scholarship to Abigail Alarva; Sforza Family Scholarship to Ruthny Desrosiers; Arthur J. Alloggiamento Scholarship to Nahom Deleta; WOHS Principal’s Scholarship to Zharia Bynes, Gabriella Cupo, Danielle Fastiggi, Sydney Fenske, Michael Giovine, Krystal Jamison McGruder, Gabrielle Petrucelli, Desiree Rivera, Lucas Scalora and Luciano Zeoli; Lillian Kunz Anderson Scholarship to Marie Amoyaw; Timothy Groves Memorial Scholarship to Gabriella Cupo, Hillary Lemus, Pearl Louie, Johana Miranda, Michael Gordon, Jennifer Guevara, Giordana Parson, Karen Rivers and Christopher Walker; West Orange Council of PTA’s Scholarship to Kasandra Michel; West Orange Chamber of Commerce Fund Scholarship to Brianne Nieves; Rotary Club Scholarship to Abigail Alarva; Joan Green Miron/Jeanette Green Scholarship to Matigan Kohlman; Bligh Family Scholarship to Cassidy Ferrell; McKeon Family Fund Scholarship to Jax Apollon, Zhane Cave, Kaycie Elifani and Lucas Scalora; Kessler Scholarship to Jakeli Lliguicota and Gabrielle Petrucelli; Nikhil Badlani Scholarship to Erik Akerblom, Cameron Gart, Samantha Herbert, Desiree Rivera, Abby Rosu, Luciano Zeoli and Leonardo Zeoli; Parisi Family Scholarship to Alexandra Glasgow and Joanna Maignan; Wanda & Dan Anderton Scholarship Fund to Miya Asobo; Joseph Suriano Scholarship to Jason Bortey; Adesokan Family Scholarship to Nahom Deleta; Mountaineer End Zone to Jordan Delvalle and Michael Giovine; Philip Augustin Humanitarian to Charles Aborisade; West Orange Women’s Club to Leah Cohn, Moesha Isidor and Maxine Nzegwu

Northwest Evaluation Association to Oluwagbenga Adegbite, Anuoluwa Adegbite and Victoria Morrison; Rose Baptiste Scholarship to Miya Asobo; Narain Family Scholarship to Matigan Kohlman; West Orange Education Foundation Inc. to Anna Favetta; Marie DeMaio Scholarship to Kerry Su; Michael F. Fabiano Sr. Scholarship to Kaela Hohn; William Lutkins Scholarship to Vrajkumar Patel; Regal Bank Scholarship to Brian Temple; John and Diane Vantuno Family Scholarship to Matthew Mincolelli and Maxine Nzegwu; Tommy Page Scholarship to Leonardo Zeoli; Robert M. Zinn Scholarship to Syleah Coppedge; Dr. James F. Donovan Memorial Scholarship to Kerry Su; Codey Family Scholarship to Louann Dorcinvil; Portuese Family Scholarship to Kaela Hohn; Jack Lee Scholarship to Nadia Tewelde; Sharmila Desai Scholarship to Amanda Nyarko; and West Orange High School Principal’s ROTC Scholarship to Abby Rosu.

WOSF General Endowment Scholarships went to Julia Edelman, Elise Jehan, Kayla Johnson, Abbie Lepow-Macario, Robin Louis-Pierre, Katherine Meyerson and Saluka Silva.

Photos Courtesy of WOSD