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The growth of hybrid working brings the flexibility to work how and where we want, whether it’s at home, at a flexible workspace close to home, at a central HQ according to recent research by leading workspace provider IWG.

Hybrid working put simply is about opening up choice and how and where we work. For some this can mean not having to commute as far to a central city location and saving on cost, to others it means the freedom to literally work anywhere in the world any time, what has come to be know as the ‘digital nomad’. What these types of workers have in common is that they are dependent on two things to make this happen, technology and a network of workspaces.

“For an increasing number of workers, the days of the daily commute are over, now that hybrid working offers the opportunity to work wherever we will be most productive. And thanks to cloud technology, that can be anywhere in the world, provided there’s a high-quality internet connection available.” says Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO, IWG

As the leading workspace provider, for over 30 years IWG has recognised the important of ensuring every community in the world has access to a hybrid workspace. The vision is not to dictate a ‘correct’ way of working, but simply to ensure that millions of workers across the world have the opportunity to choose hybrid.

IWG has over 40 flexible workspace locations across New Jersey, ranging from city centre locations like One Liberty Place, to locations close to transport hubs like Fort Washington Business Park to more suburban locations like the East Gate Centre. Global brands include Regus, Spaces, HQ and Signature, delivering flexspace options that suit any type of business. Businesses can benefit from high quality professional office environments, meeting rooms, coworking and virtual offices designed to suit anyone looking for a workspace.

Businesses of any kind or size can choose from a range of IWG membership options, whether they’re a multinational company with thousands of employees (IWG already works with 83% of the Fortune 500) or an SME, freelancer or sole trader. Coworking desks, meeting rooms and private offices can be booked for any number of hours, days or months via the handy Regus or Spaces apps. What’s more, members can make use of IWG’s global network, with access to thousands of locations across more than 120 countries.

The arrival of hybrid working in Fairfield is a boost to the local community and represents a better work life balance for individuals looking to work closer to home, a boost for high street businesses as more people stay local, a way of working better for the bottom line of big business and a greener way of working that is better for the planet.

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