Community FoodBank distributes food in Essex County

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NEWARK, NJ — On Tuesday, April 28, volunteers from the Community FoodBank of New Jersey gathered at Essex County’s Branch Brook Park in Newark to distribute boxes of emergency food supplies to more than 2,000 families who have been forced out of work and are not able to purchase food as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. The emergency food boxes provided contained enough food for 40 meals and consisted of a variety of nonperishable items, including cornmeal, oatmeal, rice, fruit, peanut butter, jelly, shelf-stable milk, and canned vegetables, chili, soup and ravioli. In addition to the emergency food boxes, the Community FoodBank of New Jersey provided more than 30,000 pounds of produce, including oranges, potatoes and onions.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, CFBNJ supplied enough food to support 4.8 million nutritious meals in March alone — a 20-percent increase from March 2019. To address mounting operational challenges and adapt to changing health concerns, CFBNJ has shifted to a three-shift 24-hour operation, working around the clock six days a week to provide for New Jerseyans in need.

Photos Courtesy of Samantha Henry