Seniors, handicapped residents, others invited to sign up for Belleville’s Blue Star program

BELLEVILLE, NJ — The township is providing help and hope for seniors, handicapped residents and others who don’t have anyone to turn to in the event of an emergency, according to an April 18 press release from the town. The Blue Star program is geared toward those who live alone and need help when there is a reasonable cause to believe that their health, safety and welfare is in danger.

With the Blue Star program, citizens can register vital information with the police department in the event of an emergency.

In addition, a house key is kept in a secure location at police headquarters — and with the resident’s neighbor, if desired.

“This program gives police the ability to help the vulnerable in our community in an almost-immediate way,” Mayor Michael Melham said. “God forbid there’s ever an emergency, but residents can have peace of mind that someone will be able to help them if there is.”

For more information about this program and the form to participate, contact police Sgt. Anthony Abate at 973-450-3348 or email