Bloomfield Fire Department trains 24 members as fire instructors

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Fire Department recently had 24 members trained as fire instructors, according to a March 1 press release. This 35-hour course meets the standards in National Fire Protection Association 1041 fire service instructor professional qualifications.

“The Bloomfield Fire Department is consistently training its firefighters to ensure that the department is prepared to handle any emergency that they may encounter,” Mayor Michael Venezia said. “Our community is a safer place thanks to their dedication to continually improving.”

The department is a N.J. Division of Fire Safety–approved organization. This allows the Bloomfield Fire Department to host approved classes, such as “Fire Instructor 1.” To satisfactorily complete the fire instructor course of instruction, the members had to meet several requirements and pass a rigorous final exam. 

“Our department is prioritizing the health and welfare of its department members,” Fire Chief Lou Venezia said. “Bloomfield Fire Department continues to implement training programs for our in-service personnel to ensure that our firefighters become more effective and efficient while increasing their safety.”