Bloomfield manufacturer again recognized by EPA

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — Case Medical Inc., a Bloomfield-based manufacturer of medical devices and cleaning solutions, was selected as a 2022 Safer Choice Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The award marks the fifth time Case Medical has been recognized by the EPA for outstanding achievement in the manufacture and formulation of chemical solutions that are equal to or better than products in their class and proved safer for people and for the environment. 

“Consumers are looking for sustainable products for economic as well as environmental reasons,” Case Medical CEO Marcia Frieze said. “As we face climate change, water shortages, and concerns associated with air quality and fresh water, the need for sustainable products and manufacturing processes is more urgent than ever. Receiving the Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award reflects our deep support for EPA’s mission to reduce waste and provide safer, sustainable products for current and future generations.” 

Case Medical’s environmentally preferred instrument chemistries were developed for use in health care facilities for cleaning and decontaminating surgical devices. The partnership with EPA started in 2011, initially with the Design for the Environment program. Subsequently in 2015, the company furthered its partnership with the U.S. EPA under the Safer Choice program. During 2020, facing the pandemic and shortage of supplies for infection prevention, the company extended its product line to include the Case Care brand of cleansers, single-use wipes and an FDA-approved hand sanitizer for general use. 

Case Medical’s Case Solutions and SuperNova brand cleaners are formulated to be highly effective, free rinsing, pH neutral and non-corrosive, with eco-friendly enzymatic catalysts included for extra efficacy. Additionally, Case Medical’s cleaning solutions have demonstrated in multiple laboratory studies with the USGS and independent laboratories to have infection-prevention properties and to potentially reduce microbial activity. In June 2020, the company was granted a U.S. and Canadian patent for effectively deactivating infectious prions, the proteins responsible for neurological and wasting diseases in humans and animals.