Bloomfield mayor urges renters to protect their belongings with insurance

BLOOMFIELD, NJ — The Bloomfield Department of Health & Human Services, the Neighbor to Neighbor Network, and the Bloomfield Fire Department are all working in collaboration with Mayor Michael Venezia and the Bloomfield Council to educate residents on the benefits of renters insurance.

“Over the years we have seen a number of families lose their apartments in a fire, and who unfortunately did not have renters insurance,” Venezia said in a Nov. 8 press release. “Although our Department of Health & Human Services does everything possible to assist them and help secure the resources they need to recover, the process is much less difficult if they have insurance to financially protect themselves and their belongings. We want Bloomfield renters to know that insurance is available to them at a very low cost of only $100 to $200 a year.”

Renters insurance — also known as tenants insurance — is a type of policy offered by most major New Jersey insurers that typically covers personal belongings plus additional living expenses, such as groceries and lodging, if the policy holder is unable to live at their residence while it is being repaired. A renters policy also includes personal liability coverage if the policy holder is legally responsible for someone else’s injuries or damages. In the event a disaster strikes, such as a fire, the landlord’s insurance coverage will take care of damage to the building’s structure only. 

For more information about renters insurance options, contact the New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance at 800-446-7467 or visit