Glen Ridge seeks RFPs for fire suppression services

GLEN RIDGE, NJ — The borough of Glen Ridge’s 10-year contract with the township of Montclair for fire suppression services and the use of George Washington Field is coming to an end this year, according to a recent press release from the borough. Similar to the process Glen Ridge followed 10 years ago, the borough has released a request for proposals for a new fire contract to take effect at the end of the year. 

Glen Ridge is asking both Montclair and Bloomfield to propose a 10-year contract for fire suppression services, with the option to renew for five years. The RFP also asks bidders to submit proposals for the use of recreational facilities and fields, likewise in a 10-year contract with a five-year renewal option. Glen Ridge encourages bidders to include additional services in their bids, especially regarding the use of recreational facilities and fields. According to the press release, the borough will consider all elements of the proposals it receives, but the key factor will be the scope and pricing of any proposed fire suppression contract; in 2012 the bids were extremely close. Submissions are due Aug. 18.