Glen Ridge leaf collection begins Nov. 8

GLEN RIDGE, NJ — The borough of Glen Ridge has contracted a truck specifically to pick up bagged leaves curbside, beginning Nov. 8 and terminating Dec. 29. Residents must use biodegradable paper bags; plastic bags will not be accepted for pick up.

These curbside pickups will be made on the first of the two regular scheduled garbage collection days each week. Leaves may not be placed curbside on the second collection day of the week.

Bags must not exceed 50 pounds in weight and must not have anything mixed in with the leaves, including pet waste, garbage, recycling materials, planting flats or containers, garden debris, grass clippings, mulch or dirt, rocks, and sticks or branches. Garden and yard debris is picked up at the curb on the first scheduled collection day as well, but must be packaged separately from leaves.

Leaves may not be raked onto any streets or gutters in the borough, including county roads. Bags may not be placed into any streets or gutters.

Property owners who do not follow these rules could face penalties.

For additional information, call the Glen Ridge Public Works Department at 973-748-8400, ext. 223.